The Rose Festival MTL




MAY 10, 2018

Installation by Laurence Philomène (Photographer) Starchild Stela and Jessica Sallay-Carrington

FRUIT BOWL is a queer art show, a colourful & intimate buffet of fruity flavors!! 

Works by :
Jessica Sallay-Carrington -ceramic sculptures "Creatures"
Laurence Philomene - photo prints from "Non-Binary Portraits"
Starchild Stela - original drawings from "Non-Binary Portraits"

Vernissage: May 10th from 6 to 11pm
Come celebrate with us! There will be cake + merch and drinks available

All photo prints will be available for purchase with 50% of the proceeds going to Taking What We Need.


MAY 11-13, 2018

Laurence Philomène

I am a non-binary photographer working around themes of identity, colour theory and queerness. As part of the Rose festival, I will be showing prints from my ongoing project “non-binary portrait series”. The images are bright and colourful photographs of non-binary people as they wish to be represented.

Jessica Sallay-Carrington

Jessica uses figurative ceramic sculptures to question gender and sexuality from the perspective of a pansexual cis female. Combining human and animal she aims to portray the hidden parts of ourselves which we hope to better understand.



FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2008

8pm - Readings of new works by Airin Finkelstein, Zuzanna Smetana, Ash Hicks, Penina         Simon, Jacqueline van de Geer, and Adam Barrett.

Zuzanna Smetana: "Speaking of Grief" is an exploration of the presence of grief, as it ebbs and flows throughout life. This piece focuses on the loss of a mother, and how two siblings must rebuild and reinforce their memories of her.

Ash Hicks: Aimee coaches soccer. Laura's little brother plays soccer. It's summer, they meet, but it isn't that simple. Ash Hicks teases out a tender knot of human connection in this script, read by Wahsonti:io Kirby and Marion Mclean, and directed by Sarah J Culkin. For more info check out:

Penina Simon: When I was 16, I went to a sleep away camp with 11 other visually impaired teenagers from across Canada. At the time I was just coming out and was terrified of being the only gay person there. The probability of meeting another gay person there at this tiny camp was slim, but I met the only openly gay person at blind camp the day that I arrived. 

Jacqueline van de Geer: A naked woman lives on a rock in the wild nature, one day she decides to dress up and try her luck in the big city. A play about love, vegans and  city life.

Adam Barrett: Two men fall in love and it feels sacred to them.  So they do what anyone would do: they start a cult and change the world.  “Fellowship” tells the story of Donald and Cody, the religion they started, and how to save the world with voguing.

Noka Palm Trees is an artist that specializes in digital illustrations and mix media paintings. Her work is rooted in Afrofuturism, Caribbean culture and Fashion. 


SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018
5445 AVENUE DE GASPÉ, #408

6pm - Art Exhibits by Matthieu Marin and Alexis Berris

8pm - Hosted by your favourite characters of The Walk in Closet Webseries, featuring Bev, Sue E and Ollie V, and Trio Tango Queer

Matthieu Marin’s photography is an exercise in re-appropriating body and surroundings, externalizing personal experiences of embodiment, disability, and chronic illness.instagram: 

Alexis Berris - Crée en 2016, Fissuré.e est un jeu vidéo auto-biographique qui cartographie le questionnement d’une femme non-binaire en devenir et qui célébre l’angoisse, l’euphorie et l’embarras qui vient avec une première remise en question de l’identité de genre.

THE WALK-IN CLOSET is a local webseries that subverts that sweet, sweet Hollywood trope of straight actors playing queer roles. The cast features Montreal’s funniest comedians and actors who are all part of our LGBTQIA+ family!

I Am Human is  a one person monologue written by Bev and performed by Bev questioning the exististence of being black in 2018 . 

Sue E & Ollie V - In this exploration of the inner struggles of two radical, queer feminists, we ask; Should we have shaved our pubes? Should we pretend to be vegan? What even is feminism? Who even is us?

Queer tango trio was born in Montreal in 2017 as a trilingual, multi-origin and interdisciplinary collaboration between Geraldine Brouard, Kristina Parker and Itzayana Gutiérrez.  Together we have assembled an intimate act of queer mourning. Set to live music emotively capturing experiences of violence and deep colonial trauma, the paired queer tango dance embodies gender fluidity and explores queer intimacy as a form of resistance. Costumes by Futch (


MAY 13, 2018
5 À 7

James Brown, Patrick McGill & Jerome de los Santos

Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears hid their relationship from the world and today we see their songs through a reclaimed queer perspective.  We will celebrate and recontextualize the music produced by the most famous gay couple in Classical music through the influence of their discovered anxieties.


May 13, 2018
Notre Dame des Quilles
32 Rue Beaubien E

John O’Neil (GUMMO) - In my writing and visual art, I am fascinated with the ideas of objectification and perception, how we choose to present ourselves as queer individuals, and how we are perceived by others. I am interested in how we, as queer individuals, are viewed and categorized in spaces both within the queer community, as well as outside of it.

Philippe Lemieux - Philippe aborde des thématiques toutes personnelles tout en écorchant au passage des idées reçues sur des sujets plus larges.

Hannah Kaya - What happens when queer inventiveness comes into contact with the desire to document or stabilize a community living in the margins? Playing with archival and documentation processes, authorship, language games, meaning-making, self-disclosure, and poetry, ‘community re-written’ uses transcriptions of words spoken by festival goers and participants to rewrite an entirely new text.

Blare Coughlin - the series of paintings in 'memory' are snapshots chronicling the mundane locations of a queer life bookmarked by sudden realization of memory. the out of place, cartoony creature in each one is a representation of the self-awareness and the thought "oh, i'm going to remember this moment." each of the locations depicted are representative of a different time and place during the artist's personal growth and journey towards being their truest self.

NEU Theatre - "You are a half built house" "and you are electricity" - The Last Place You'll Look, is an exploration in one act of the prospering freedom of imaginative ambiguity in youth and in love.