The Rose Festival Community Guidelines

1) Pleased to meet you! Let us know how you like to be addressed, what your pronouns are, what your accessibility needs may be, and how else we can make your experience as an artist or spectator at the Rose Festival as authentic as possible.

*We are a small, as of yet unfunded festival still working toward full accessibility. It is a priority for us but we are not yet there. Please feel free to approach us with ideas and input to help us to fulfill our dream of becoming a fully accessible festival.

2) These are not full productions. We are not critics. We are all here to encourage one another and help each other develop as artists.

3) The artists want your feedback! Art can evoke strong emotional responses, and sometimes it's hard to find the right words, but letting an artist know that you've been moved by their work is always a positive thing. At The Rose Festival the artists are in the room with you. Feel free to approach them and let them know when their work has an impact on you.

4) There is an audience for everyone. Not all art is going to appeal to you. That's okay. There is plenty of art to go around. Don't feel obligated to let an artist know when you feel that their work has missed the mark. Your words and comments can have a strong impact on someone who is just emerging. We are all in process.

5) Do you own labour! The Rose Festival prioritizes voices that are marginalized within the queer community. As such, you may hear stories or see art that speak to experiences that are new to you. It is not the responsibility of the creators of these works to educate our community. Self-education is encouraged.

6) We're all in this together. As a festival, The Rose Festival aims to celebrate the diversity of the queer community. This means sharing space with a multitude of genders, ages, abilities, races, sexual orientations, and all these intersections have their own priorities and needs. Let's remember to be generous, to be kind, and to keep our hearts open.