May 13, 2018
Notre Dame des Quilles
32 Rue Beaubien E

John O’Neil (GUMMO) - In my writing and visual art, I am fascinated with the ideas of objectification and perception, how we choose to present ourselves as queer individuals, and how we are perceived by others. I am interested in how we, as queer individuals, are viewed and categorized in spaces both within the queer community, as well as outside of it.

Philippe Lemieux - Philippe aborde des thématiques toutes personnelles tout en écorchant au passage des idées reçues sur des sujets plus larges.

Hannah Kaya - What happens when queer inventiveness comes into contact with the desire to document or stabilize a community living in the margins? Playing with archival and documentation processes, authorship, language games, meaning-making, self-disclosure, and poetry, ‘community re-written’ uses transcriptions of words spoken by festival goers and participants to rewrite an entirely new text.

Blare Coughlin - the series of paintings in 'memory' are snapshots chronicling the mundane locations of a queer life bookmarked by sudden realization of memory. the out of place, cartoony creature in each one is a representation of the self-awareness and the thought "oh, i'm going to remember this moment." each of the locations depicted are representative of a different time and place during the artist's personal growth and journey towards being their truest self.

NEU Theatre - "You are a half built house" "and you are electricity" - The Last Place You'll Look, is an exploration in one act of the prospering freedom of imaginative ambiguity in youth and in love.