The Rose Festival was born out of a desire to change the script.

Founded in 2017, The Rose Festival gathered in Psychic City to mount 9 readings of lgbtq+ scripts by playwrights who lived, worked or studied in and around Montreal. Over the course of three nights, we welcomed spectators and artists alike who continuously told us that Montreal not only was ready for, but was hungry for a Queer Arts Festival.

We are a group of queer folx from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about the arts and the ability of the arts to create community.

We believe in the power of creativity to destabilize hegemonic norms that keep people marginalized based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We believe that these voices in the margins not only deserve to be heard, but need to be heard, if there is to be change.

We believe change needs to happen.

At the Rose Festival, we are striving to provide a platform for these creative voices. We do this by volunteering our time and our skills to create websites, videos and social media campaigns. To assist with staging, mounting and displaying work.

Most importantly of all, The Rose Festival is comprised of Queers. We are Queer folx producing a festival of Queer artists for Queer and straight audiences to enjoy.